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Mariners complete Fister Furbush trade

While the 12 year old in me has had juvenile jokes running through my head constantly since the trade deadline, this is a quick look at the PTBNL that was just announced by the Mariners. Chance Ruffin has been linked … Continue reading

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Welcome to Seattle Wily Mo Pena

Justin Smoak was placed on the 15 Day today and taking his spot on the roster is Wily Mo Pena. The bad hop that Smoak took to the face still makes me cringe and I hate to see Smoak on … Continue reading

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The Mo Factor

One of the best aspect of Wily Mo Pena is his name.  I have never heard of anyone else with a seperate “Mo” portion within their name, but it fits so perfectly.  Adding Mo to any name automatically makes that person amplified over anyone else … Continue reading

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Good Mo-nin’

This is Post #3 in the Wily Mo Deserves a shot campaign. I have been asked a couple times “Why does it matter to you whether Wily Mo gets called up?” A: To be honest… I am a huge Mariners fan, … Continue reading

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Still need a Lil’ Mo’

I do think that today’s lineup is better than yesterday’s, but I still think there is room for Wily Mo Pena in it.  1: Ichiro (DH) 2: Wilson 3: Ackley 4: Carp 5: Olivo 6: Gutierrez 7: Wells (RF) 8: L. … Continue reading

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Mo’ $$$ Mo’ Problems

After seeing todays Mariner lineup I have decided to write a post a day about Wily Mo Pena until the Mariners call him up. 1: Ichiro                -RF 2: Wilson              -SS 3: Ackley              -2B 4: Carp                  -1B 5: Kennedy         -DH 6: … Continue reading

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A little Franklin Gutierrez appreciation

Here is a question to quickly ponder: How good is Franklin Gutierrez’s defense in Center Field? Here is my reasoning for this question mixed in with some other questions that have the same answer: Lately I have been hearing around … Continue reading

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