Mo’ $$$ Mo’ Problems

After seeing todays Mariner lineup I have decided to write a post a day about Wily Mo Pena until the Mariners call him up.

1: Ichiro                -RF
2: Wilson              -SS
3: Ackley              -2B
4: Carp                  -1B
5: Kennedy         -DH
6: Olivo                 -C
7: Gutierrez        -CF
8: Robinson        -LF
9: Seager             -3B

Adam Kennedy (.241/.287/.367) batted 5th today and was our DH.  We know what we have in Adam Kennedy, and I sincerely doubt that he is going to be a major part in the future of this franchise.  Why not give the opportunity to player who has something to prove and a decent chance of impressing?

Here are five more reasons from Wily Mo that all occurred within the 45 ML at bats he received while playing for Arizona this season:

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One Response to Mo’ $$$ Mo’ Problems

  1. Adam H. Wong says:

    I agree! Pena gives us a low cost option at DH. Now that Seager’s back with the club, I don’t see much of a reason to keep Kennedy. I thought they were going to move him, and maybe they still can. Pena will be a fun, watchable, interesting option with the big club.

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