Still need a Lil’ Mo’

I do think that today’s lineup is better than yesterday’s, but I still think there is room for Wily Mo Pena in it. 

Wily Mo stole Jobu from Pedro Cerrano

1: Ichiro (DH)
2: Wilson
3: Ackley
4: Carp
5: Olivo
6: Gutierrez
7: Wells (RF)
8: L. Rodriguez (3B)
9: T. Robinson (LF)

Texas is throwing LHP Derek Holland (Interesting fact: Derek Holland is a switch hitter), it sure would be nice to have a power hitting right handed bat in the lineup.  Maybe Mike Carp could get a day off and Wily Mo could play a little first base.  Ichiro is also 14 hits shy of where he needs to be to get 200 hits, and a full day off sparked him into a hot streak earlier in the season.

Anyone who can put up these stats in AAA deserves a shot on a team looking for bats:

You can sign up for the Wily Mo Pena fan club by commenting below, or you can just comment.

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