Todd Brickman

Hi, my name is Todd Brickman, and I am a Mariners fan. And this is my first meeting at the Mariners long-suffering fan anonymous.

Most fans want to be the GM of their favorite team, even for just a day to make the changes to bring home the championship. Fortunately, we do not get the chance to screw our team up with our crazy fantasy baseball trades and emotional attachments to players. But, we do have the internet and now we can at least voice our opinions and theories to stand  the test of the masses. This blog is to think outside the box, throw ideas out there and develop conversations on how to right this capsized ship, USS Mariner. Then there is my nemesis, James… we offer two opinions on all things Mariners. We don’t have the VORP stats of every player memorized, but hopefully we have some entertaining debates.



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