A little Franklin Gutierrez appreciation

Here is a question to quickly ponder:

How good is Franklin Gutierrez’s defense in Center Field?

Here is my reasoning for this question mixed in with some other questions that have the same answer:

Lately I have been hearing around Seattle that the Mariners have a hole in center field, and need to replace Gutierrez next year.  Many people are excited about Trayvon Robinson, and think that he could fill the void.

-How good was the Beatles music in the 60’s?

Don’t get me wrong, Robinson is a very exciting baseball player, but if the Mariners were to get rid of Franklin Gutierrez it would be a huge mistake.  There are certain things that I have to acknowledge about Gutierrez that make it understandable why people are starting to sour on him.

-How good does a dive in the pool or lake feel after hours of yard work in the hot sun?

–          He is batting .194/.236/.235 in 65 games this year

–          He is going to make $5.5 mil next season

–          He may never get over his stomach problems

-How cool would it be to have the power of flight?

With the Mariners struggling to score runs, the fan-base is turning their concentration toward replacing those players that are having a weak season at the plate.  Franklin has been a hole in the lineup, but there is reason for optimism.

–          He is only 28 years old

–          He obviously has not lost his athleticism with the way he plays in center field

-How good is chocolate to a woman when it is that time of the month?

While playing in 65 of the Mariners 113 games this season, Franklin Gutierrez leads all center fielders in UZR (ulimate Zone Rating).  He currently ranks 5th in all of baseball at any position and every player ahead of him has played in at least 96 games.

To put this into perspective a little bit, if Franklin Gutierrez played 111 games like Brett Gardner and we used the current ratios, he would have a UZR of 20.5.  That would mean that the second best defender in baseball would have less than 80% of his defensive skill.

Franklin Gutierrez currently has a WAR (Wins Above Replacement)of .5 while batting only .194/.236/.235.

Guti is capable of batting like a league average hitter or better, and when he does he will be one of the most valuable players in the league.

Watching Franklin Gutierrez play defense can:

–          Make you feel like The Beach Boys are just another group of California surfer dudes

–          Cool you to the core and rejuvenate you

–          Give you the wind in your hair, the adrenaline of a dive, and views that you weren’t meant to see

–          Calm even the most savage raging hormones

I want Franklin Gutierrez to calm Mariners fan’s raging hormones.  Let other teams hormones rage away.

Franklin Gutierrez is the best defensive player in the game of baseball… maybe ever.

The answer to the question is “Unbelievable!”

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