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Taking Measured Risks

I think that most Mariners’ fans can agree that we will have a very difficult time keeping pace with the Angels and Rangers in the AL West this next season.  There is young talent on our squad that needs some … Continue reading

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Mariners complete Fister Furbush trade

While the 12 year old in me has had juvenile jokes running through my head constantly since the trade deadline, this is a quick look at the PTBNL that was just announced by the Mariners. Chance Ruffin has been linked … Continue reading

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Welcome to Seattle Wily Mo Pena

Justin Smoak was placed on the 15 Day today and taking his spot on the roster is Wily Mo Pena. The bad hop that Smoak took to the face still makes me cringe and I hate to see Smoak on … Continue reading

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The Mo Factor

One of the best aspect of Wily Mo Pena is his name.  I have never heard of anyone else with a seperate “Mo” portion within their name, but it fits so perfectly.  Adding Mo to any name automatically makes that person amplified over anyone else … Continue reading

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Post Trade Disorder (Details)

As Todd so graciously brought up, the Mariners faltered just before the trade deadline with style by stumbling through a franchise record 17 game losing streak.  This allowed Seattle to go into the trade deadline with both eyes focused on … Continue reading

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Post trade disorder

Less than one month ago, the M’s were floating around .500 and I had dreams of trading for Hunter Pence and sugar plums floating in my head. Slowly reality crept into my dreams as we witnessed the epic collapse of … Continue reading

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3b Furcal?

So our first blog is the black hole that seems to be 3b…. well, that is one of the black holes that have plagued the Mariners for years. I admit, I applauded that signing of Chone Figgins on the day … Continue reading

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