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Good Mo-nin’

This is Post #3 in the Wily Mo Deserves a shot campaign. I have been asked a couple times “Why does it matter to you whether Wily Mo gets called up?” A: To be honest… I am a huge Mariners fan, … Continue reading

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Still need a Lil’ Mo’

I do think that today’s lineup is better than yesterday’s, but I still think there is room for Wily Mo Pena in it.  1: Ichiro (DH) 2: Wilson 3: Ackley 4: Carp 5: Olivo 6: Gutierrez 7: Wells (RF) 8: L. … Continue reading

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Mo’ $$$ Mo’ Problems

After seeing todays Mariner lineup I have decided to write a post a day about Wily Mo Pena until the Mariners call him up. 1: Ichiro                -RF 2: Wilson              -SS 3: Ackley              -2B 4: Carp                  -1B 5: Kennedy         -DH 6: … Continue reading

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