The Mo Factor

It is obvious that they know the order

One of the best aspect of Wily Mo Pena is his name.  I have never heard of anyone else with a seperate “Mo” portion within their name, but it fits so perfectly.  Adding Mo to any name automatically makes that person amplified over anyone else that shares the same last name.  I took the liberty of going through the Mariners 40 man roster and picking the best fits:

Luke Mo French –

Miguel Mo Olivo – O – LIV – O!  MOOOO!

Matt Mo Tuiasosopo – The only person that might consider adding Mo to the end of their name.

Chone Mo Figgins – This guy could bat over .250

Chuck Mo Furbush – Yah, he would change his first name to Chuck if he added Mo.

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One Response to The Mo Factor

  1. Not Mo Moo says:

    Good mooning to you too.

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