Post trade disorder

Less than one month ago, the M’s were floating around .500 and I had dreams of trading for Hunter Pence and sugar plums floating in my head. Slowly reality crept into my dreams as we witnessed the epic collapse of the 2011 Mariners. Even as the M’s forgot how to win, I still thought they would make a trade, but now not for Hunter or Melky, but now redirect it towards the dreaded white flag of “potential”.

Now, the trade deadline has come and gone, and I am frantically reading about the bats we have in our system as a result of the trades. I am the first to admit, based on my fantasy baseball teams, that I am probably not even qualified to discuss major league trades… but trading for six minor leaguers, yeah, I have no idea who they are, beyond the write ups on rotoworld and ussmariner.

What I do like though, is the amount of quality prospects Jackie Z was able to get, in a trade year that the M’s didn’t have a Cliff Lee or Washburn that could bring top notch major league ready prospects back.  The problem they have now, is sorting through the 6 outfielders in the system to see who they can bring up to the big leagues as a quality glove and bat. Saunders, Pegero and Halman seem to be on the outside looking in. I really like what I saw out of Halman and would love to see what he can do for an extended time. Is he the answer, maybe, maybe not, but with the added competition at that position it is going to be difficult to weed through these guys. Here’s to the summer of the rookie outfielders.

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